Friday, January 3, 2014

vTigerCRM6 - Support

Simple, hassle free, easy-to-understand Support features in vtiger CRM will help you deliver instant and precise customer service. You can resolve cases faster like never before. User-friendly Customer Portal tool acts as a great channel to communicate with your customers. With the exciting support features, you should be able to adopt to the tool very quickly and enhance level of customer satisfaction.

1. Resolve Customer Issues

Trouble Tickets Module lists out cases raised by your customers. You can create, edit, and close ticket after the solution is provided.

2. Provide Portal for Customers

More power to your customers. You can provide them access to Customer Portal to raise tickets, refer FAQs and much more.

3. Knowledge Base

If same issue persists time and again, create a FAQ and share with your customers. You can also convert cases into FAQs

4. Set up your Help-desk Details

Send emails through your helpdesk email address instead of sending them from your personal email account

6. Track Service Agreements

Track support and service agreements after product is sold. Provide support according to the number of instances

6. Manage Assets

Every individual instance of a product is an Asset. View complete history of support instances solved on each Product record.


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