Friday, January 3, 2014

vTigerCRM6 - Sales

vtiger CRM offers Sales team the ability to monitor sales operations briskly. The goal is to bring in the prospects, nurture, and win. This is what vtiger helps you do, expertly. The operations in the Sales cycle can be streamlined and automated; Consequently, efforts will be optimized to see better results.


1. Capture Leads

Gather Leads from different Lead generating channels into the system through different gateways offered by vtiger CRM

2. Qualify Leads

Follow up Leads, Sell them the benefits, Nurture them and filter the prospects that might be interested in the deal

3. Convert Leads

Identify business prospects and convert them into Opportunities, Contacts, and Organizations

4. Grab Opportunity

Track Forecasting amount, Sales stage, Anticipated Revenue from a potential customer to increase the chances of winning the deal

5. Contacts

Contacts is a repository to store qualified prospects and existing customers. Contact could be acting individually or representing an Organization.

6. Organizations

Organizations module is used to store the information of company that is already dealing business or actively evaluating your products or services

7. View stats

Personalized Reports and Dashboards will give you graphical representation of Sales Stages, Performance of Sales Reps, etc

8. Generate Invoice

Generate and send personalized invoices to your customers


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