Friday, January 3, 2014

vTigerCRM6 - Inventory

Weed out the risks in categorizing the goods rendered to your customers and goods procured from your vendors. Modules such as Products, Services, Price Books, Vendors, Purchase Orders etc will help you organizing products in stock, forecasting demand, replenishing items in stock and estimating revenues. By controlling the stock in your Inventory effectively, you should be able to provide customer service at desired level.

1. Organize Products

Oversee the stock of products shipped into and out of your inventory

2. Manage Services

Streamline post-sale services your support center would offer on a Product

3. Handle distinct Price Books

Create varied price lists to suite different customer groups

4. Know your Vendors

A person or a company that renders Products and Services to your Organization

5. Track Payments

Track your Invoice amount received / due, and Purchase Order amount payed / debt


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