Saturday, February 1, 2014

20 hal yang harus diperhatikan dlm media monitoring

Aktifitas Sales saat ini tidak terpisahkan dengan dunia iklan dan media monitoring. Khususnya terkait dengan sosial media monitoring, maka ada 20 hal ini yang bisa Anda perhatikan.

So you have a great idea for a Television show. You know that the content is going to be exciting, enticing and fascinating and make the viewers tune in night after night. 20 Social Media Ratings You Should Be Monitoring
Your TV ratings will make you a legend.
The challenge for TV is you have to prove that the content is great by creating a pilot that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to demonstrate to the TV network that the concept is a potential rating bonanza and worth running.
You either fund it yourself or you need to find an investor to stump up the money to do the pilot. It is very hard to test without investing major dollars. (Avatar had a  $500 million dollar budget, $300 million for the content and $200 million for marketing and promotion).
Social Media Marketing is also about  great content just like TV, if what you write and publish is not worth reading or viewing then your viewers and subscribers  whether that be blog or your YouTube channel  will not show up. If you can show that what you write and produce is rating material and will grab the readers and viewers attention then the audience will turn up in droves.
TV shows are successful based upon three things
1. Great content (whether that be comedy, thriller, documentary or drama that entertains)
2. Successful promotion of that content via TV, Radio or any other media that gets people turning on the Tube in large numbers preferably in the multi-millions.
3. Most importantly does the show pull major advertising sponsors and revenue that makes profit for the TV network
TV shows live  or die on their ratings and your social media marketing also lives or dies on its ratings.
So what are your social media marketing ratings that you should be monitoring and measuring for your major social media channels.
Here are 20 ratings worth monitoring on your social media channels
There are a few types of ratings you should be measuring here
  • Unique visitors per  month to your blog
  • Total posts read
  • Subscribers to your RSS feed
  • Total email subscribers
  • Independent credibilty ratings by external authorities such as Klout, Adage, or Hubspot (with it’s website and blog gradings)
  • Number of comments
  • Who is commenting (small players or major players)
  • Links
  • Time on site
  • Number of fans
  • Types of Fans (ordinary or high value)
  • Comments
  • Number of followers
  • How many lists you are on
  • How many ReTweets you are generating
  • The number of Direct Messages
  • Klout rating
  • Number of views
  • Number of subscribers
  • Quantity of comments
Is your content on social media so compelling that your subscribers and viewers turn up night after night. Are they so excited by your content that they tweet it and post it on Facebook. Do they copy it and link back to your blog.
So how are your ratings for your social media and can you do better?


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