Thursday, January 23, 2014

vTiger Versi 6, peningkatan banyak

Vtiger has released Version 6 of its free open-source CRM software, with major improvements to the application's user and developer experience.
The new version's primary goal was to improve usability and utility for the average CRM user. A radically redesigned interface now structures data and tools in an operationally relevant way. Contact records, for example, offer configurable summary views that highlight a contact's most important information, and a salesperson that works with that contact can now see and quickly move between the contact and their related opportunities, notes, communications, and tasks in just a few clicks.
The interface improvements extend into the CRM's administration areas as well. For example, the settings home page has been redesigned to put frequently accessed settings tools, such as user access rules, workflows and beyond, front and center. The configuration process involved in setting up complex features, such as in the creation of workflows, building of reports, and creation of fields, is more straightforward, as well.
If organizations outgrow an on premise installation and seek to scale into a CRM with a wider range of web-enabled features such as email marketing, integrated phone systems, free support, SLAs and beyond, a simple migration process has been designed to help them seamlessly migrate from Vtiger CRM Open Source to Vtiger's CRM On Demand. This can be initiated by contacting Vtiger sales or support via phone or email.
Vtiger also redesigned the new CRM's code to accommodate modular development. This means that if a particular function isn't already built into the CRM, a developer can build it and plug it right in, and it can share data with any of Vtiger's other modules, or with external Web services or software.
According to Vtiger, a future update this year will bring an integrated app store and billing tools to both the open-source and cloud versions of Vtiger, enabling developers to expose their extensions to an estimated 100,000 businesses that currently use Vtiger CRM Open Source and On Demand. Developers and consultants will also be able to store private repositories of their code, which can be shared to specific organizations with a single click, at their preference.


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