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vTiger mengeluarkan versi 6 Open Source

Vtiger Launches Vtiger CRM 6 Open Source Edition

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Jan. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ Vtiger, today, announced the 6thmajor release of its award-winning free open source CRM software. As the most comprehensive overhaul that the software has seen in the company's 10 years ofbusiness, the game changing release includes major improvements to application's user and developer experience and reiterates Vtiger's commitment to supporting the open sourcecommunity.

A Better User Experience in Every Way
The new version's primary goal was to improve usability andutility for the average CRM user. Fittingly, the first change that a previous Vtiger user will notice is the radically redesigned interface, which now structures data andtools in an operationally relevant way. Contact records, for example, offer configurablesummary views that highlight a contact's most important information, and asalesperson that works withthat contact can now see and quickly move between thecontact and their related opportunities, notes, communications and tasks injust a few clicks. This gives CRM users greater visibility into theinformationthat they need on a daily basis, and allows them to more quickly perform tasks in the CRM.
CRM Administrators will be pleased to know that theinterface improvements aren't limited to just operational areas, and extend intothe CRM's administration areas, as well. For example, the settings home page has been redesigned to putfrequently accessed settings tools such as user access rules, workflows andbeyond, front and center. The configuration process involvedin setting up complex features, such as in thecreation of workflows, buildingof reports, and creation of fields, is remarkably more straightforward, as well.
To accompany these changes, Vtiger has developed new supplementary resources to help businesses implement and scale their CRMs.First, a new documentation website that coverstopics ranging frominputting data, to working with records, can be accessed from the help section of theVtiger website. In addition, a numberof video tutorials designed for more visual learners, walkusers through a similar range of topics, and can be found in the same help area of the website.
If organizations outgrow an on premise installation and seek to scale into a CRM with a wider range of web-enabled features such as email marketing,integrated phone systems, free support, SLAs and beyond, a simple migrationprocesshas been designed to help them seamlessly migrate from Vtiger CRM Open Source to Vtiger's CRM OnDemand. This can be initiated by contacting Vtiger sales or support via phone or email.
Better For Developers and Consultants
For open source software to be truly unbridled, it must beeasy to code and adapt to environments that it may not initially fit into. For this, theVtiger team redesigned the new CRM's code to accommodatemodular development. Thismeans that if a particular function isn't already build into the CRM, adeveloper can build it and plug it right in, and it can share data with any ofVtiger's other modules, orwith external web services or software. Accompanyingdocumentation explaining the development process and Vtiger's APIs is availableon the Vtiger website, and where APIs aren't yet available, theteam iscommitted to building them.

Developers and consultants will also be happy to learn that a future update this year will bring an integrated app store and billing tools to both theopen source and cloud versions of Vtiger, enabling developers toexpose theirextensions to an estimated 100,000 businesses that currently use Vtiger CRM Open Source and On Demand.The market potential fororganizations that were previously accustomed todeveloping for a limited set of customers is no doubt immense. If preferred, developers and consultants will also be able to storeprivate repositories of their code, which can beshared to specific organizations with a single click, at their preference.

All in all, Vtiger 6 is changing the open source game, and brings a radically improved experienceto Vtiger CRM users, administrators, and developers. You can download the application forfree through the Vtiger website, or on various coderepositories such asSourceForge.

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