Friday, January 3, 2014

Pengenalan OpenSource dari vTigerCRM


We've worked with thousands of businesses over the last six years to build, refine, and deliver what is now considered one of the most dynamic and customizable CRM solutions with the lowest cost of ownership available today. We can do this because unlike most companies we keep our software open source. This has allowed us to channel the creative and developmental skills of thousands of unique businesses, designers and developers to build the most effective combination of CRM tools, and deliver the best of it through an easy to use, feature-rich, cloud based CRM.
We’re proud to say that thousands of businesses, big and small, now call our CRM suite their most useful business tool for managing and optimizing their marketing, sales, and support activities. In 2004 our business started with just a few partners, designing, building, and refining a modest set of CRM tools. Thousands of business partners and revisions later, our CRM tools have become more powerful and adaptable than ever. Though local case-based customizations once drove our business, most of our resources are now channeled into the development of new vtiger tools aimed at helping all our customers achieve better oversight and results from their marketing, sales, and support. With each new revision we release, we hope that our CRM tools bring them one step closer to that goal.
vtiger CRM truly delivers the best of both worlds, with high feature availability offered at a low cost, which includes:
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