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Apa sih vTigerCRM ?

Blog ini diperuntukkan untuk peminat dan pengguna vTiger di Indonesia.
Hal ini dikarenakan dalam beberapa tahun kami menggunakan vTigerCRM, kami merasa puas dan sangat terbantu.


vtiger was launched as a fork of version 1.0 of the SugarCRM project launched on December 31, 2004.[2]


In its most recent version 5.4.0 (current as of April 19, 2012), vtiger offers all the usual CRM functions:
  • Sales automation (customizable product entries, inventory management, quotations, billing, and trouble ticketing)
  • Customer support & service functions, including a customer self-service portal
  • Marketing automation (lead generation, campaign support, knowledge bases)
  • Inventory Management
  • Analysis and reporting
User interaction features include:
In addition, vtiger features multiple database support, security management, and various web forms. The project is available in over 15 different languages.
Interface similarities between vtiger and the CRM module of the Zoho Office Suite have been noted, however, this seems to be attributable to common corporate sponsorship, not to a common software code base.


vtiger is built on the AMP (Apache, MySQL, and PHP) stack with code from other open source projects such as SugarCRM. The core development team of vtiger CRM is based in Bangalore, India.


vtiger CRM installation is done entirely from an HTML/PHP web interface. One can install vtiger CRM 4.X and 5.x on a standard webserver using cPanel provided they have the correct version of PHP and MySQL already installed. Beginning with version 5.x, the vtiger CRM package is available with an optional PHP/MySQL bundled installer. The procedure involves downloading the .tar files from the vtiger CRM website and then using the control panel file manager to upload and untar the source files. Open source program files, extensions, and language packs are available from the vtiger CRM downloads page.
vtiger CRM is also offered as a hosted service which does not require installation on your own web server.[3] vtiger CRM On Demand is delivered using Amazon's EC2 platform.[4]


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