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Telkom Establishes Cooperation with Amazon Web Services to Strengthen Position as Indonesia’s Leading B2B IT Services Provide

Telkom Strategic Portfolio Director Budi Setyawan Wijaya (left) taking a group photo with AWS ASEAN Growth Market Director Haris Izmee (right) after the signing ceremony of Telkom and AWS Indonesia collaboration

Telkom and AWS Management posed for a group photo at the signing ceremony for the two parties' collaboration in accelerating national digitalization and supporting the acceleration of cloud computing solutions and technology.

Jakarta, 5 September 2022 - PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) has forged a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) marked by a kick-off partnership event held by the two companies during the AWS Cloud Days 2022 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Jakarta (1/9). This strategic partnership is Telkom's effort to accelerate national digitalization and support the acceleration of cloud computing solutions and technology for digital industry players such as startups, the private sector, state-owned enterprises, and government institutions.

As Indonesia's digital telco and technological innovations developer hoping to support the realization of Indonesia's digital sovereignty, Telkom established a partnership with AWS Indonesia whose vision is to become the core of digital Indonesia through people and technology. In realizing this, both parties are committed to providing access to technology and cloud solutions, building digital empowerment of the Indonesian ecosystem through various skills programs, and jointly developing solutions that can accelerate TelkomGroup's digital transformation

As part of the go-to-market core pillar, Telkom appointed TelkomSigma as the leader of business-to-business digital IT services and the developer of TelkomGroup cloud service solutions to work with AWS and its partners in order to support the acceleration of cloud computing-based solutions for all business actors in Indonesia. 

Previously, Teko had injected funds of 2.59 trillion rupiah to Telkomsigma in April 2022 to accelerate the capability and capacity to serve the rapidly growing cloud demand in Indonesia. TelkomSigma has increased the capacity and capability of cloud services with the ability to provide hybrid cloud through strategic collaboration with global partners. TelkomSigma has been registered as a certified AWS partner in Indonesia, which allows it to provide AWS cloud computing services to meet customer needs.

The customer demand to provide AWS cloud services through TelkomSigma is to obtain reliable cloud services to serve their digital transformation needs. Of course, this is in line with TelkomSigma's vision as "The Preferred Digital Transformation Partner."

"This strategic partnership is expected to synergize our go-to-market strategy where AWS will bring Cloud Technology leadership and Telkom on the other hand will provide cloud integration solutions, cybersecurity and connectivity through TelkomSigma. We also hope that this partnership can accelerate the implementation of the company's strategic initiatives, and ensure that TelkomSigma can continue to lead the business-to-business IT market segment in Indonesia," Telkom Strategic Portfolio Director Budi Setyawan Wijaya said during the Telkom and AWS partnership kick-off in Jakarta.

TelkomSigma also continues to develop the ability to manage the cloud with AWS by increasing human resource capabilities to a higher level. In practice, this strategic partnership and sustainable development is set to achieve its target in mid-2023, in line with the sustainable growth of the cloud business in Indonesia, which is estimated to reach 30.5 trillion rupiah by 2023.

Development of Digital Skills Across Indonesia

According to a study by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Indonesia will need nine million high-skilled digital talents by 2035, with specializations in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Coding, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Cyber ????Security. To meet the demand for more digital skills to accelerate Indonesia's transformation, Telkom is also working with AWS to create training and certification programs focused on building cloud and innovation skills.

AWS works with Indonesian organizations to help break down barriers to help resolve skills challenges and has trained more than 300 thousand individuals in Indonesia with cloud skills since 2017. To prepare the next generation of professionals for cloud careers, and to build diverse entry-level talent into the cohort work, AWS collaborates with higher education institutions, non-profit organizations, workforce development organizations, governments, and employers, such as the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, Research and Technology and Dicoding, a local technology education startup, on various digital skills enhancement programs. AWS also offers more than 500 free digital training courses, available to anyone who wants to learn and has an internet connection, with more than 200 courses available in Indonesian.

"Today's signing ceremony with Telkom shows our commitment to supporting Indonesia's digital transformation," Gunawan Susanto, Indonesia Country Manager for AWS said. “AWS remains focused on supporting our customers and partners in Indonesia by continuing to build a strong partner community, supporting new customers using AWS, introducing more products and services to our customers, and helping build a strong pool of digital talent in the region,” Gunawan Susanto said.

This collaboration between Telkom and AWS is part of Telkom's efforts to support Indonesia's digital economy to achieve Indonesia 2045 golden vision that President Joko Widodo declared.



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