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What is Omni Channel Help Desk CRM?

What is Omni Channel Help Desk CRM? 

Say a company offers a great product or service, has a great lead generation engine and a crack sales team, who wins tons of new business every month. It has everything going for it in terms of customer acquisition but does not have a Help Desk CRM or Support Centre CRM. So the question becomes, are its customers experiencing a great customer service for the products or services purchased, are their issues and enquiries getting promptly addressed, are they satisfied after their purchase or are feeling buyer’s remorse? In short, is the company able to retain most of its customers after acquiring them?
A good support center or help desk crm allows you to interact with the customers who call in with problems or send emails to A better customer support crm will also provide a customer self-service portal where customers can log in to report (and track statuses of) their issues.
In today’s digital world there are additional ways in which a company can interact with or engage its customers:
  1. Website chat sessions – Organizations are increasingly offering chat support on their websites. If a customer is discussing his or her issues on the chat, those issues need to be tracked with equal priority as those reported by traditional support channels and the customers should get uniform support experience across all channels.
  1. Social Media like Facebook, Twitter – In some ways it’s good to have angry customers who call and yell at you. They are letting you know where your product or service is lacking and giving you an opportunity to address the problems and retain those customers. What you need to watch out for are those unsatisfied customers who don’t contact you and either silently switch over to competing products/services and bad mouth about your product or services, often in social media. Luckily, the best support center solutions make it possible to automatically monitor your company Facebook page posts or Twitter handles of your customers (or specific Twitter hashtags) and get alerted in form of tickets or cases when certain pre-defined keywords are mentioned on Facebook posts or Tweets. And once a ticket or case is created in your CRM, the usual customer support processes kick-in. It is even possible to respond from within your CRM directly to Facebook or Twitter posts.
  1. Depending on your situation, there could be other sources of capturing customer problems and creating tickets to track them. Some organizations have outsourced L1 support operation and they may get tickets in form of a daily excel/csv file or through direct integration with their outsourced service providers systems.

Good so far?

So Omni Channel Help Desk CRM solution allows servicing customers over all possible channels, consolidates communication in one central place and provides a consistent customer support experience.
Right, we couldn’t have summarized it better!

Now once the tickets or cases are captured in the CRM from various sources, the next important aspect is handling tickets assignments. Here a good help desk crm provides rules based ticket routing that includes:
  1. Round Robin – Automatic ticket assignments one by one to the support team.
  2. Least Busy – Assigning ticket to the CSR having least number of open tickets in his/her bucket.
  3. Location Based – Assigning ticket to the CSR based on geographic proximity of customer and CSR
  4. Skills Based – Assigning tickets to CSR based on their skill-sets with the product or service the customer is complaining about.
  5. Priority Customers Based – Assigning tickets to most senior CSRs for ‘Category A’ customers.

Another important aspect is ticket escalation and enforcing SLAs. Good support center crm solutions offer ability to define escalation rules setting capability where you can define:
  1. When an escalation should be triggered – for example, escalate an urgent ticket within 4 hours, a high-priority ticket in 8 hours, a medium-priority ticket in 12 hours and so on.
  2. Who should be notified – CSR, CSRs reporting manager, other members of the support team, Support Centre Head, etc.
  3. What action should be taken – for example, re-assign the ticket to another CSR, do nothing, etc.

Ok understood. Now I suppose it is time for you to make your pitch?
Er..yes. As a comprehensive CRM solution, SimpleCRM provides a fantastic omni channel help desk crm or support centre crm capability that is pre-integrated with several popular call-center solutions. We offer both On-Premise and Cloud deployment models. Our cloud offering is hosted out of our secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM cloud servers.

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