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5 Tips sales Anda

Inside Sales Sell like a Pro
Sales is definitely the most challenging gig in professions, but it is not rocket science. Closing has always been a tough code to crack, but some sales reps are really good at it and others not so much. But with a solid game plan every rep could be a ‘Rockstar’.
If sales reps adopt effective processes to approach prospects, it becomes easier to qualify, prospect, and sign new buyers. The old school “ABC” strategy is one that needs to go away. ‘Always Be Closing’ was once a definite home run for sales reps, but times have changed and customers have become savvier to closing techniques. Customers don’t want to be hammered into buying. ABC strategy makes them feel that you are more interested in making the sale than meeting their needs. This strategy has been known to create a sense of pressure, which inevitably creates a resistance to the sale. You would be putting the possibility of a long term relationship with the customer at stake.

Here are 5 tips that will help you sell like a Real Pro:-

#1. Use a CRM:

CRM solutions can have a major impact on closing sales, by targeting the prospect base that really bring results. Customer Relationship Management software allows reps to manage the overall sales pipeline by registering leads, tracking interactions, creating targeted sales pitches, and analyzing success and failure rates. Incorporating a CRM with your sales process can strengthen your sales and marketing alignment by integrating the marketing, inside sales, and sales departments, leaving ‘no lead unturned’.
A recent study made by Nucleus Research states that CRM returns $8.71 for every dollar spent, which have increased from $5.61 in 2011.

#2. Always be Available and Knowledgeable

It is imperative that you always respond to prospects as quickly as possible and during a reasonable time. We have discussed the best time to call prospects in our previous post that will help in shedding some light to this tip.
You are 9 times more likely to convert a prospect into a lead by responding to calls/emails within 5 minutes. These odds would undoubtedly play in your favor. But how many inside sales reps actually follow through?
Sales reps should be equipped with the right kind of information. You should know how your product/service fits the needs of your prospect. But over 58% of customers’ report that sales reps fail to answer their questions effectively.

#3. Find a Common Ground

Do a little background research on the prospect’s industry and the prospect him/herself on social networks to help you personalize your sales process and communications. A common ground between you and your prospect is one highlighted tip on how to build instant credibility with prospects. Skimming through your prospects social life, alma mater, interests will help you determine on how to communicate. Always be personable and avoid boilerplate emails.
Personalized emails have proven to have a 14% increase in Click-through-rate and 10% increase in conversion rates.

#4. Never Answer an Unasked Question

It is easy to sink a sale by answering questions that have not entered the prospect's mind. Such behaviour surfaces when you are afraid of losing a sale that you start answering objections that exist only in your vivid imagination. 

#5. Negotiate and Follow-up

Give your prospect time to think about your offer and prepare to be flexible and negotiate terms on the prospect’s favor. Never negotiate in a manner where you succumb the prospect to pressure. Letting them know that you understand and relate shows that you are committed to not only their sale, but in addressing their needs.
Follow up on a regular basis, be persistent so that your prospect doesn’t go cold, but be careful on being too persistent because that might put you off the hook.  Majority of sales are made during the fifth to twelfth contact, so never lose hope on your prospect.


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