Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cara hitung ROI dari CRM

Whether you’re using a robust CRM, migrating to a new one, or just getting started in the CRM world, research is the first step on the path to CRM success. In order to prove the ROI, you need to understand the basics, including the cost, how your data is handled, the different opportunities each platform presents, and more.
This post includes useful calculators to do that research. Check them out, share them, and you’ll be one step closer to determining how to get the most return out of your CRM.

What is CRM Worth to You?

Answer a few quick questions to learn how much value and revenue you can get out of your CRM. While this calculator is Salesforce focused, and based on Salesforce customer data, it is quite helpful in answering those preliminary CRM ROI questions. Check it out here.

Dirty Data Calculator

Sure, we’re a little biased, but this little calculator will do the job of showing you how many bad records live in your CRM. Knowing this is crucial to taking that next step of achieving data quality. It’s also a good reminder that you should regularly plan a data quality project, to keep you CRM data free and clear of duplicates, inaccurate information, missing information and outdated information. Try it here.
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CRM ROI Calculator

This ROI calculator starts by identifying your role. Not only do the questions change depending on whether you’re a marketer, salesperson or in customer service, but helpful, relevant stats display as well. The ultimate result is the annual savings you’ll experience by having a smooth-running CRM. Check it out here.
roi calculator

How to Calculate the ROI of CRM

While not an interactive widget, this post is helpful in uncovering the ROI of CRM. With detailed recommendations that would lead to a deep analysis, you can use this Forrester post to do some thorough research and answer the big question: What will I get for the money? Take a look here.

Determine the ROI on Your CRM Investment

Download this pre-formulated Excel file from ApexTwo, to calculate the ROI percentage and the number of months it will take to recuperate the cost of SugarCRM. It also lets you compare SugarCRM to other CRMs. Check it out here.

Simple SaaS CRM Pricing Calculator

There’s only one field you have to enter in this calculator: Number of users. From there, the tool does the rest and displays your monthly cost for a variety of CRMs. This gives you a good idea of your price point, and while it doesn’t do much else, it’s starts to answer a big question that comes into play with CRM: Budget. Test it out here.
crm calculator

CRM Implementation Calculator

Implementing your CRM the right way can be just as costly as the CRM itself. This calculator by Altitude Conseil gives you an idea of what it might cost to work with consultants and experts on your CRM implementation. This may include training, tech support, additional features built into your CRM, and much more. Try it here.
crm implementation calculator

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