Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Menggunakan vTigerCRM utk B2C

Abbreviation for B2C model is Business-to-Consumer or Business-to-Customer and it is described as activities of businesses serving end consumers with products and/or services.

What Is B2C Model

The B2C model can have a customer at the client end as against to the B2B model, which has a mandatory business (or company) at the client end.
An example of a B2C transaction would be a person buying a pair of shoes from a retailer. 
The transactions that led to the shoes being available for purchase, that is the purchase of the 
leather,laces, rubber, etc. as well as the sale of the shoe from the shoemaker to the retailer 
would be considered B2B (Business-to-Business) transactions.


vtigerCRM has been supporting B2B model, with the Account selection fields being mandatory in modules (like Potentials, Invoices etc.) and operations (like lead conversion). In some of the modules (like invoices), the contact selection field was also present but it was non-mandatory and the Account name was required. This model has been changed now since it is possible to make a field mandatory/non-mandatory from the Layout Editor. So, for a B2C model usage, one would make the Account selection field as non-mandatory and the Contact selection field as mandatory.

Leads Module

To see how the leads working in B2C Model click here

Potentials Module

The Potentials module in vtiger was one of the modules which did not have a contact field (the Account field was mandatory as well), which made it non-usable for the B2C model. With vtigerCRM 5.1.0, this Account selection field has been changed to a Account/Contact selection field where you can first select the module (Account or Contact) and then select the record based on the selected module.


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