Wednesday, January 14, 2015

5 cara CRM akan melesatkan sales Anda

5 Ways CRM Software Will Turbo Charge Your Sales and Marketing

turbo charge your sales
Are you thinking this is your year to leverage CRM? With CRM in place, you can develop a sales and marketing framework that will better target marketing to prospects, leads and customers.
A defined CRM strategy will allow you to concentrate on better, more qualified leads and and on nurturing prospects. With CRM, your sales team will be more effective at attracting prospects, closing sales, generating referrals, managing the sales funnel and optimizing customer relationships.
It’s called Customer Lifecycle Marketing and it’s a foundation of great CRM, (Customer Relationship Management). A CRM system will power your business to manage its customer relationships better by optimizing client and prospect data. Your business will be more intelligent when it comes to planning and managing a myriad of connections and opportunities for closing sales — resulting in business growth.
With a CRM solution as part of your marketing and sales effort, you will automate contracts, projects, events, price quotes, email campaigns, social media incentives. Quite simply, with a centralized location to collect and create personalized nurture campaigns, and analyze results, your CRM will equip you with the tools that you need to generate more qualified leads and, best yet, free your sales team to do what they do best — close sales.

How CRM Can Turbo Charge Your Sales

Your Sales Team Will Do Better at Tracking Prospects

With CRM, your sales team will be effective at attracting prospects, closing sales, generating qualified referrals and managing existing customer relationships. Your business will grow in revenue by utilizing a CRM application that helps you track sales activity, lead generation and customer status — capitalizing on the data management power CRM delivers.

Your Sales Team Will Do Better at Nurturing Leads

Qualifying leads is a tricky proposition for some businesses. Time can be wasted by nurturing leads that ultimately never result in closing sales. With a CRM software solution, businesses can dive into customer and prospect data more effectively and better gauge the likelihood of a prospect converting to a sale. Wouldn’t qualifying leads more efficiently save time in the sales pipeline? Businesses that broaden their sales efforts with CRM think so.

Your Customers Are Mobile and Your Marketing Will Be Too

By 2016, two-thirds of the workforce will own a smartphone, and 40 percent of the workforce will be mobile. The demand for mobile marketing is increasing and mobile CRM is now becoming a must-have for many small and medium sized companies. A CRM solution that recognizes and maximizes mobile sales and marketing opportunities and data management creates more effective customer and prospect outreach and support.

You Will Enjoy Social CRM and So Will Your Clients

Social CRM is the integration of social media with CRM strategies and applications. Social media delivers tremendously for competitive businesses today of all sizes and in all markets. Social media boosts brand awareness and promotes social engagement with existing and potential customers. Today, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are highly utilized social platforms for communicating with customers and attracting new business opportunities. By embracing a CRM software solution that enhances marketing with social CRM tools, you can engage customers throughout every stage of the buying journey.

You Will Manage Customers Better Promoting Customer Loyalty

CRM systems help enterprises get the best possible view of their customers, including those who are most profitable — and in the greatest position to make purchases. By using the tools and functionality of today’s CRM solutions, companies can track successful marketing campaigns, target and anticipate customer requirements, adjust sales tactics and strategies to meet targeted customers, identify customer attrition and improve the overall customer experience. CRM systems make it easy to manage customers with a clear view of their needs and expectations. Most important, this data-driven customer management results in more satisfied — and loyal — customers.


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