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11 hal dari sales berkualitas tinggi

Ever wondered what makes certain salespeople very successful? What are the qualities that they all share in common?
Since the beginning of my sales career, I was very intrigued by this question and devoted many hours to studying the top salespeople in my field to get an answer.
After a decade of first hand sales experience, education, interviews and observation, I believe to have identified 11 characteristics that the majority of the best salespeople all seem to share in common.

11) Top Salespeople know their WHY & that’s how they stay motivated. 

The best salespeople exude never ending positive energy and stay highly motivated even when faced with tough obstacles and hardships. Top salespeople overcome adversity by staying laser focused on their goal and on their WHY! When they have a good enough WHY they will always find the HOW! Your WHY can be family, legacy or a childhood dream.

10) Top Salespeople are Goal Setters

Do you know your goal by heart? Do you have it written down? If your goal is not written down and posted somewhere where you can see it every day then it’s not really a goal just a wish. Click here if you want to learn more about how to optimize your goal setting. The top sales executives know what they are aiming for and have that image of themselves accomplishing their goal so sharp and crisp that it’s considered a Blu-ray compared to the average person’s VHS. Embrace the challenge and set goals that push you beyond your comfort zone. Average salespeople people set bare minimum goals while the top salespeople set STRETCH goals (it’s the reach of the stretch that makes them grow).

9) Top Salespeople are Persistent

Dr. Martin Luther King was a top producer, his work and life generated value that is still being appreciated today. His great accomplishments did not come easily and MLK heard a lot of NOs. Dr. King had to be very persuasive and persistent to get the results he was aiming for. MLK knew his value proposition and was confident that the solution he was presenting would create a better future for all. His persistence and dedication persuaded an entire country. You cannot beat a man that refuses to give up! He wasn’t pushy or self serving instead he was persistent and was looking out for everyone’s best interests and benefit.

8) Top Salespeople are Driven

This boils down to “How bad do you want it?” (if you haven’t seen ET the Hip Hop Preacher STOP right now and just watch this. Understanding ET’s message will be more valuable than anything else I’ve got to say here) are you willing to give up sleep? To put in the hard & long work hours? To do whatever it takes to reach your goal? Fully committing to success and to your goals is what drive is all about. The quote below is one of my favorite quotes from ET The Hip Hop Preacher which I keep framed on my wall at the office.

7) Top Salespeople Save & Invest

Prospects and potential partners smell desperation a mile away...I call it commission breath. Never get caught in the position where you just “MUST” close the deal. A top salesperson is never afraid to walk away from the negotiation table. Savvy salespeople value their time and want to invest in the opportunities that can yield the highest return for the lowest investment, let me be clear: It's always about the ROI. 
The best salespeople make it a priority to invest in themselves through books, seminars, networking and trainings.
The First 40 hours of work per week are for survival. Everything after that is for success. - Jim Rohn
Top salespeople seek to help and invest in others because they know that in doing so they will receive a greater return than just increased profits.

6) Top Salespeople are Knowledgable

The best salespeople seek to become knowledgeable in the following areas:
  1. Their product/service
  2. Their industry
  3. Their competition
  4. Their prospect
  5. Their partners
A sales rep will transform into an expert consultant when they are knowledgeable in these 5 areas and use the acquired knowledge to share an unbiased recommended solution that is perfectly tailored for the benefit of all parties.

5) Top Salespeople have a Positive Attitude

You can’t win them all and you will face challenges, very tough and difficult challenges that at times might seem insurmountable and completely impossible. The only thing that can get you through these low valleys is when you make the decision to always look and FOCUS on the positive side of every situation you encounter. Live life exuding positivity and positive things will happen. Don’t ask me to explain how it works, you just have to try it yourself. Commit to 21 days of generating and exuding unwavering positive energy and watch what happens to your life.

4) Top Salespeople have Confidence

Would you buy a Mercedes Benz from a car salesperson that drove a Lexus? If you are not confident enough in your product/service to buy it yourself then you should NOT BE selling it. Total confidence and belief in your offering is the single most important persuasive argument you could ever make. If your confidence wavers so will the affirmative decision of the client.

3) Top Salespeople are Organized

If you can’t stay on top of and control your commitments and meetings, you’ll never be a top producer.
Rules to Success: #1 Show up, #2 Make sure it's at the right place
Time is the most precious resource for top saleseople. Top producers have to be organized to maximize their ROI. Sales pros are efficient and accomplish more with less! What you gain by being organized is time, money and less headaches. Just do it or get someone that you trust to help you stay organized. Organize your accounts, relationships, commitments, finances and watch your ROI grow.

2) Top Salespeople Have Excellent Communication Skills

Do you know what the most important communication skill is (hint: it’s not speaking or writing), the best salespeople know that having top notch LISTENING skills is what helps them be able to add more value to the conversation. Top producingsalespeople also know that there are several forms of communications that they have to master if they want to reach their goal.

1)Top Producers Work Hard & They Work SMART.

I learned work ethic from my step dad. He worked very hard (and long) to keep a roof over our heads and food in our bellies but working hard is not enough, you need to work smart too if you want to maximize your success.
Hard work beats talent but hard work AND talent beat everybody else.
One of my favorite Aesop Fables is the one about the tortoise and the hare. We all know that the tortoise won the race….but what if you were a hare that had the tortoise mentality, heart and work ethic.
Who would win the race then? 
Find out what you are a “hare” at doing and then apply the “tortoise” mentality. 

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