Friday, January 3, 2014

vTigerCRM6 - Tools

Manage sending emails, scheduling events and to-dos, sharing documents, sending out SMS and restoring deleted records with the help of Tools in vtiger CRM. As features are all grouped in one single application, it brings your teams together and work collaboratively.

1. Import records from csv & vcf files

If you have your data in .csv or .vcf format, you can import thousands of records instantly and effectively.

2. Calendar

Schedule and manage Events, To-dos, Invoice due date, Opportunities close date, Birthdays and much more

3. Mail Manager

Configure your MailManager to send emails to your Contacts, Leads, Organizations, Vendors and Users.

4. Documents

Upload your files in the form of documents. Also, send files as an attachment while sending out emails to your customers.

5. SMS Notifier

Configure SMS Notifier to send out messages on mobile phones of your customers.

6. Recycle Bin

Restore back all deleted files with the help of Recycle Bin.


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